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Grado Labs RS2
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guys, my next paycheck goes for headphones, and I read a lot on the forum still thinking between this models: HD600 HD650 Grado RS2 I have a Ross Martin PCM 1794 for DAC. and I been liking this unit from the day it came! thanks in advanced for comments, inputs son on!!!!:)

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HUM Audio Devices debuts with RS-2 - stereo-M/S ribbon remote controlled microphone

Hancrafted in Poland... HUM Audio Devices RS-2 Ribbon Recording System HUM AUDIO DEVICES – World’s first remote controlled, Stereo/M-S ribbon microphone with built-in High-End discrete mic preamps. Our RS-2 is extraordinary, complete recording system with sound and features never before found in any of the top class ribbon mics. Huge, larger than life...

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Rane Hc6 power supply (RS-2)

Hey golden_ears, coincidence you postet just 4 days ago. Just stepped into the webs on search for an RS-2 once again. From an elderly email conversation with Rane i retrieved the following information (you might already know these): "Note: Products shipped with the RS 2 will operate just fine with an RS 1." source: http://rane.com/rap.html But that source isn't...

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