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Grace Design m201
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2-channel Mic Preamp Two-channel preamplifier


Preamp really needed?

The Grace Design M201 has a ribbon mode input impedance of 20kΩ. Normal mode is 8.1kΩ.

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Grimm CC2 - fantastic !

...a simpler test. I had recorded some output from a Korg Wavestate into the instrument input of a Grace Design M201 preamp (original version). This went directly into the AD+ clocked by the Grimm CC2. - It was recorded at 96k. - The file was brought into Ableton, where I sent it to Line Out 1&2. -...

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New gear advice. Preamp and Ribbon

You might want to also consider some preamps that are somewhere "in-between". Clean-er but not super clean. Daking gets a lot of love around here. Consider the new Neve stuff ("RND" "Portico"). API is another that very popular. Preamps that have both an "input" and...

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