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Genelec 8010A
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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...#2 , Sound devices usbpre2 #3 , Zoom F8, Zoom Q8 camera + Tentacle sync E #2 , 2x Genelec 8010A, KT-1176, Korg Oasys 88, Moog One 8 voice, Midi Solutions Quarda thru, Rode NT2A.

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Buying High-end Professional studio monitors - Going MAD.

...the compression well. - Flat freq. response. My options are: - JBL 305p MKII (Good price) - Yamaha HS5/HS7 - Yamaha MSP 5/MSP 7 - Genelec 8010a - Genelec 8320a SAM (I think they are incredible sounding) I'd heard the JBL, just one monitor in a very bad situation in a showroom with open doors and a lot of noise, but I...

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Genelec 8010a opinions

Do you have a preference between the 8010a and 8020d? Looking into both now as the genelec advisor said to look at the 8020d as well. I might order both In to listen, would appreciate your thoughts as you own both.

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