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Gates STA-Level
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Introduced in 1956, the Gates Sta-Level has become legendary in the audio world for its simplicity of design, reliability of operation, and ruggedness of build quality. Initially designed for the radio broadcast industry, the Sta-Level is a basic un-gated automatic gain control compressor. The Sta-Level utilizes three gain stages to achieve a maximum gain of 62 dB (from -55 to +8 dBm). The tubes incorporated in the design are a 6V6 for power output, a 6AL5 for rectifier, and a 6386 for input control. Over the years, this unit has found a home in many studios desiring a unique vintage compressor sound.


Compressors...Whatch' Got?

...has: 5 Portico 5043'a 3 Distressors with the Brit mod 2 Chandler Abbey Road Edition TG-1's 2 Daking's 1 Alan Smart C2 1 silverface 1176 1 Gates Sta-Level 1 Gates something er other... solid state 1 Federal, modded with faster attack and release switches 1 Avalon 747 1 RNC 1 Drawmer dual comp. I think that's it.

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Gainlab Audio: new company announces Vari-Mu Compressor and Passive EQ

...dynamic controller which is designed after a classic vari-mu compressors. Theoretically similar to the legendary Fairchild 670 and Gates STA-Level in addition to the contemporary solutions in order to have a better control over the sound. The bespoke design of the branch circuits we just simply call the “mu-follower”. The two channels of the...

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what you got after your shelfords/porticos/1073s Vocals

...a vari-mu. Coil CA-70 > Retro STA level = pure velvet bliss! The CA-70 is essentially a Gates SA-70 the Retro a Gates STA Level so the two pair like dream. An electrical engineer explained to me the two different amplifier stages of these two units are the perfect compliment to each other and the results are...

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