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Gates STA-Level
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Introduced in 1956, the Gates Sta-Level has become legendary in the audio world for its simplicity of design, reliability of operation, and ruggedness of build quality. Initially designed for the radio broadcast industry, the Sta-Level is a basic un-gated automatic gain control compressor. The Sta-Level utilizes three gain stages to achieve a maximum gain of 62 dB (from -55 to +8 dBm). The tubes incorporated in the design are a 6V6 for power output, a 6AL5 for rectifier, and a 6386 for input control. Over the years, this unit has found a home in many studios desiring a unique vintage compressor sound.


Gates Sta-Level

I have an opportunity to purchase a pair of Gates Sta-Level compressors from a studio that is closing. I'm told that they both work, but could probably use some maintenance, perhaps new tubes. Sale price is $4k for the pair. Seems like a good price based on eBay sales records (that's...

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Gainlab Audio: new company announces Vari-Mu Compressor and Passive EQ

...dynamic controller which is designed after a classic vari-mu compressors. Theoretically similar to the legendary Fairchild 670 and Gates STA-Level in addition to the contemporary solutions in order to have a better control over the sound. The bespoke design of the branch circuits we just simply call the “mu-follower”. The two channels of the...

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Go to Bass DI

I've since simplified my setup, it's now just a Monique.

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