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TrakMaster PRO

Focusrite TrakMaster PRO
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Budget-friendly British mic mojo for stage and studio.

The TrakMaster Pro Channel Strip is equipped with Focusrite's world-famous FET-based microphone preamp with phantom power, line and instrumental inputs, fixed high pass filter, opto-compressor/limiter, mid-scoop EQ, and latency-free monitoring. High pass filter (12dB down at 75Hz). Selectable midnight blue porthole meter. Main output features both balanced and unbalanced output. Optional Digital Output (S/PDIF). External word clock input provided on BNC connector.


  • Vocal and instrument processing channel for recording and live use
  • FET-based mic pre
  • Phantom power
  • Line and instrumental inputs
  • Fixed high pass filter
  • Opto-compressor/limiter
  • Mid-scoop EQ
  • Latency-free monitoring
  • High pass filter (12dB down at 75Hz)
  • Selectable midnight blue porthole meter
  • Main output features both balanced and unbalanced output
  • Optional Digital Output (S/PDIF)
  • External word clock input provided on BNC connector


Beginner Needs Help Picking Mic Preamp

I use an AT4040 with a Focusrite Trakmaster Pro and I love the combo. I would personally stay away from the ART pre as it is built like crap. You can hear how an AT 4040 and Focusrite sounds by listening to any of my tracks: MC Celtic/Black Irish Productions

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Help Choosing Mics/Gear For Recording Drum Samples

...Beta 52A (3) Shure Beta 91A Shure SM 52 Shure SM 57 (8) Shure SM 58 (5) Preamplifiers: Altec 1566a Altec 1592a AMEK BCII API 3124+ Art Pro MPA 2 Focusrite TrakMaster Pro Golden Age Project Pre-73 Drum Kits: Ayotte Custom Pro-Canada 10’’-12’’-14’’-18’’ Mapex Saturn Antique Ivory 10”-12”-14”-16”-22” Slingerland 1966 12''-12''-16''-20'' Snares: Ayotte Custom Pro-Canada 14x6’’ Dunnett 15x5,5” Gretsh Maple Snare 14x6,5’’ Mapex Black Panther Steel Piccolo 14x3” Pearl Chad Smith’s Signature Series 14x5,5” Sonor Force...

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Channel strip w/ headphone output/monitor input? Like Focusrite Trackmaster Pro but newer/better?

Looking for something similar to the old Focusrite Trackmaster Pro: a channel strip w/ a preamp, basic comp and EQ, and importantly (hard to find)... a headphone out, and a stereo input for monitoring from an external source like DAW/phone. The only thing I'm aware of is the Focusrlte Trackmaster Pro. Longshot but does...

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