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CMS 65

Focal CMS 65
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The reference standard of the CMS line, the CMS 65 received the 2008 Excellence Award from Pro Audio Review magazine due to its amazing size/price/performance ratio. Its extended response at 45Hz (-3dB) allows installation without a subwoofer. CMS 65 monitors are characterized by treble definition, midrange transparency and adjustable control of the midbass and bass registers. The tonal balance is extremely stable, even at very loud volumes, ensuring accurate reproduction when mixing and mastering. ProAudio Review: Excellence 2008 award. Audiofanzine: Best value product 2009. 2-way near field active monitor


Focal Alpha80 vs Focal CMS65

I am using the CMS 65 for trance/progressive house, and have heard the entire Alpha series as well. Specs don't always tell the whole story, so here's the deal: - The Alpha 80 has a bigger, but less 'cleaner' LF response - Low-mid's on the CMS 65 are a little more revealing than the Alpha 80 - Top...

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Amphion... Beautiful

...have had many monitors over the years including Behringer Truth, Yammy Hs8, KRK Rokit 5, Neumann kh120, NS10, and Focal CMS 65. I have also tested out the Barefoot Footprint 01 in my room. My room is a fully treated Listening/mixing room. I have spent countless hours using REW to place diffusion and absorption and...

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Help me choose my next level monitors ! (± $5000)

The direction of atc scm20 surprises me btw. They don’t reach that low and ATC subs are quite expensive (out of budget).

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