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Evolution UC16
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With the U-Control UC-16 represents the British company Evolution before a MIDI controller, which is equipped with a MIDI interface and a USB port.

Sixteen knob (no Encoder) and a three-digit blue (!) Seven-segment display are the user interface is not enough, the U-Control also provides yet a numeric keypad for entering values, four buttons for direct selection of the first four presets and a Preset Management.


More free stuff....let's do it again!

I've just remembered one thing i'm giving away: Midi Controller Evolution UC16 Its like this one. Without USB cable. Anyone interested? I'm in Rio thou, shipping might be more expensive than the actual product. LoL

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Behringer DeepMind 12

You can use a MIDI controller to send Program and Bank changes (PC & BC). For example, the small M-Audio Evolution UC16 or X-Session can be used to add 16 more (assignable) knobs and has a keypad that can be used for PC/BC, or you could use a MIDI foot pedal. It's possible to set the...

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