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Eventide H3000
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The H3000 UltraHarmonizer is 2u 19" rack mounted processor first released in 1987. It's soft and hardware was designed for a large part by Ken Bogdanowicz and Bob Belcher. It is capable of creating effects ranging from full stereo pitch changes, delays, reverbs, and more.

After it's intial release, the H3000 was released in various models:
H3500 DFX/E

For information regarding differences between the products, please check the manual.


I have joined the cult of Eventide H3000

...Lexicon 2400 TCF into a lower price range for Shifting Programme material such as full TV Episodes and Movies, Eventide H3000's did Advertising and Radio - They cracked that market from Lexicon at the time! Though! All these Components in this H3000 would be ready to Fail right about now to the Lucky buyer! If...

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Submit your Gearslutz BLADE RUNNER soundtrack demo! long it will stay there: Gear used: Yamaha CS-80 (You can probably figure out which parts) Kurzweil K2600 (electric piano) Omnisphere (VP-330 Strings) Eventide H3000 (reverb on low CS-80 parts) Valhalla VintageVerb (reverb on CS-80 lead) I wrote and recorded in about 2-3 hours, with at least a third of that practicing the lead line until I had the performance...

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Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plugin Bundle

I also tried to recreate Eventide H3000 presets on their plugin but it wasn't close in sonics. That's true. While effects were somehow similar the sound wasn't.

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