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Eve Audio SC307
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EVE Audio´s three-way systems are designed around the concept to distribute the frequencies properly between all individual components and raise the efficiency of the speakers effectively, carefully designed to be equally comfortable and precise in a stereo or surround set up. In the latter case, the SC305 and SC307 will also work perfectly as a center channel.

Both woofers consist of EVE Audio´s proprietary 6.5" SilverCone, the same that is used in our two-way system; the SC207. However, due to the fact that two of these woofers are being used simultaneously, the result is a bigger frequency response down to 40 Hz.
One of the woofers serves frequencies up to 300 Hz as a kind of “bass” whilst the other woofer gives you a fuller range as a bass-midrange driver, up to the 3000 Hz crossover frequency. From that frequency on, our AMT tweeter takes over. This minimizes interference between the drivers and also allows the SC307 to deliver a very efficient and dynamic sound reproduction.

The SC307 also makes use of the proprietary AMT RS2 tweeter, which uses a bigger front plate, and a bigger internal magnet to drive the AMT tweeter with greater efficiency.
The three 100 W PWM power amplifiers – one per driver - won't leave you lacking any power either, as the maximum sound pressure level of 114 dB (SPL @ 1m) will attest.

With every EVE Audio speaker, you also get high resolution DSP electronics for very precise control over several filter sections, accurate volume control and phase settings. And all of this is accomplished directly from the speaker’s front panel using a unique high precision knob.


any EVE AUDIO user out there ?

Just saw the Eve Audio SC307 which looks nice... No reviews yet out there in the wilderness!

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Eve Audio SC307 vs Dynaudio LYD48 - any experience?

Hi all. I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. I want to upgrade my main monitors from the KRK 10-3 and at the moment I'm contemplating how the Eve SC307 and Dynaudio LYD48 would compare. Please let me know your thoughts, experience or alternative recommendations. Thanks.

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Eve Audio SC307 vs Dynaudio LYD48 - any experience?

Not the model youre asking about, but I've had a pair of eve sc208s flush mounted in my room for 2 years and love them. They sound fantastic, i would expect nothing less from the sc307.

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