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The EMT 250 was introduced by EMT Technical Director Karl Otto Bäder in 1976 at the Zürich AES Convention. Designed to be an alternative to the EMT 140 plate reverb systems that were enormous by comparison and required strict isolation to avoid sympathetic resonances, the EMT 250 offered a new sound in a relatively compact, easy-to-use package. The digital hardware portion of the EMT 250 project was farmed out to Ralph Zaorski through a Massachusetts electronics company by the name of Dynatron. MIT professor Barry Blesser was hired to perform the algorithm design. Karl-Otto Bäder was then instrumental in moving the project from the research phase into the product phase, and also performed the listening and voicing for the EMT 250.


Ways to get 80s sounding production?

...i use, in no particular order to achieve the sound you are looking for: 1. Reverb- Lexicon 224, or EMT 250. 2. Compression: 1176 or la 2a. 3. Pultec EQP 1A 4. UADs Harrison EQ (LOVE THIS AND ITS MY MAIN EQ) 5. Various Boss Guitar pedals from the early 80s, mainly BF-2 6. Yamaha MV...

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Best Reverb Plugins you own and how many

I don't believe anyone ever gets bored discussing Reverb in this room. I'd agree it's not an entirely dull subject; I very much like UAD's EMT 250 & Softube's TSAR-1. Valhalla's Plate is really good too. I'm amazed the iLok 2/3 discussion hasn't come up yet.

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Does it Jump? (The Oberheim Test)

You nailed it! Fantastic job! kfhkh Put my OB-X8 "1984" demo in front of Jump, and we'll have a great start to an OB-X8 VH album. rockout

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