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Emagic AMT8
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The Emagic AMT8 is a professional MIDI interface designed for future-proof live and studio applications in 1997, and has proven itself as such. Created by the same company that originally created the ubiquitous DAW Logic, the AMT8 boasts 8 MIDI inputs and outputs, with expandability up to 64 ins/outs for a total of 1024 MIDI channels. The bright LED indicator lights provide real-time feedback for all 8 channels, easily viewable in both hectic concert scenarios and hectic studio sessions.


Advice for DAW-MIDI to Hardware tightness :(

...ST) for 35 years. I take the view that for Mac-users if and only if you are sequencing via the Emagic AMT8 series of MIDI interfaces (which have some clever parallel MIDI multiplexing going on inside them) then it is possible to achieve tightness good enough to release dance records. To expand on that... I find...

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Akai MPC one

It even works with the old Emagic AMT8, that nobody would've even thought was class compliant in Linux of all things. It sure dont work on Windows (past XP) or the Mac without drivers hah. I actually got rid of it though, most of the synths that were hooked up to it have USB,...

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