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elysia xfilter Rack
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The elysia xfilter is a true linked stereo EQ. It gives you the expensive sound of an all class-A equalizer in a surprisingly affordable package, with a precise stereo image based on computer-selected, stepped potentiometers and low tolerance film capacitors.

This EQ is serious about flexibility. It offers high and low shelf bands which can be switched into high and low cut filters with resonance, two mid peak filters with wide and narrow Q, plus additional passive LC stages with shielded coils for a glorious top end.

With its exceptionally open sound, straight transient projection and solid punch, the xfilter is the perfect match for your xpressor – or any other piece of delicious outboard gear!


Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions

I most often use the Elysia XFilter and/or Electra. I don't see folks talking about the XFilter all that much, but I love the thing. Subjectively, I think the sound of all Elysia gear in general works well with the sound of LTL. The Electra is a little tough to do recalls on if that matters...

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Nebula must have

...case). Unfortunately i get less-to-no success with mastering and console EQ's: API 5500, Sontec, GML, Studer, AMS, SSL 4k an 9k, Elysia XFilter.. Good luck with your tweaking) P.S. I highly appreciate Alex's hard job put into sampling all the huge gear collection he represents. This is hell of a job - to manually turn each...

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Your gear plans for the year 2022

...I'd succumb to 500 series stuff in 2020, then in 2021, and made it all the way until now; my Elysia Xfilter is on its way. I'm guessing I'll end up with a few more 500 series items. But the big thing for me is studio space; I've been making do with a fairly...

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