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Electro-Voice RE20
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Broadcast announcer's microphone with Variable‑D

  • The classic sound of FM radio voices
  • Smooth, natural and controlled sonic character
  • Variable-D for minimal proximity effect
  • True cardioid with no coloration at 180-degrees off-axis
  • Voice tailored frequency response
  • Studio condenser-like performance
  • Large diaphragm dynamic element
  • Humbucking coil guards against line hum
  • Mid-bass tone-shaping switch

The RE20 dynamic cardioid microphone is truly an industry standard, a firm favorite for broadcasting, podcasting, and sound engineering worldwide. Its popularity also extends into music production as a premium grade instrument microphone. Its Variable-D design and heavy-duty internal pop filter excel for close-in voice work, while an internal element shock-mount reduces vibration-induced noise.


Setup question for RE20

...was thinking of improving my audio setup. I use a cloud lifter with a focus rite Scarlett solo for my RE20. Lately, I've been getting noise problems. It wasn't always like this, when I first bought the mic it was so silent and I could never pick up any background noise. Now even the...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...and as a Groovebox with keys, the Analog keys. To add some effects flavour there are 2 guitar pedals, one RE20 tied to the mono and the Ventris tied to the REV 2 poly, plus the obligatory computer full of software and 2xDAWs. This little track was made using sounds from each bit...

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Expanding my mic kit for live and recording

...hadn't seen in a couple years, and he's been using it for saxophones regularly. I was impressed, kind of an RE20 quality in a much less obtrusive and expensive package, from what I could tell. Plenty of gain before feedback, too, I was very loud and clear in the floor monitors without taking off.

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