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Electro-Harmonix LPB-2UBE
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Line-level preamp. Two tubes deliver optimum gain while remaining quiet and transparent, offering amazing definition and warmth. In either stereo or dual mono mode, the LPB 2ube offers two full-frequency inputs and outputs, as well as the potential to gang the I/Os.


Best affordable gear for mixing synths + adding warmth

I was looking into those Electro Harmonix pedals a while back. This looks good: | LPB-2ube - Stereo Tube Preamp | Electro-Harmonix Electro-Harmonix LPB 2ube I might need to get one of those. Very affordable price. Cheers for the reminder! Be aware that lots of cheap tube gear is just a crock of BS. I read about...

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Warming - "Analoging" itb sound with...what?

If you want analog, go real analog. If you want "real" "analog", go high-voltage tubes. They're super analogy. Plus they get really "warm". If you want cheap high-voltage tubes, go with something like these. | Black Finger - Optical Tube Compressor | Electro-Harmonix | LPB-2ube - Stereo Tube Preamp | Electro-Harmonix

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Best light overdrive pedal for synths, drum machines, ect...

There is LPB-2ube for tube drive, is there anything for transformer drive? There is TranZformer by API, right? Is it transformer saturation?

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