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12AY7 Mic Pre

Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 Mic Pre
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Electro Harmonix 12AY7 Mic Pre Amp Modifications

Update: I just finished doing all the mods. Well except for reversing the power LED, and I'm still using the stock 12VAC adapter. Would it be too much trouble to get you to post the voltages you are measuring for each tube? I don't believe these are right, but I'm getting the following: 12AY7: pin...

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How Common is it for Modern Gear to be Psuedo Balanced?

Depends on what he's calling "pseudo"-balanced. When "balanced" enters the conversation, most people with a passing familiarity with pro audio think of a circuit in which the signal is "driven" down both hot and cold conductors, with cold being opposite polarity to hot. The cold line is then polarity-flipped and summed with the hot line, producing...

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Studio Upgrade Questions

...step up from my Focusrite mic pres when I want something to 'pop' out. Also, I found a used EHX 12AY7 mic pre that adds some nice texture. But keep in mind that it does not have a lot of gain, can only be used with condensers, and is noise (and noting to rave...

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