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Mo Phatt

E-MU Systems Mo Phatt
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ROM based synthesizer.


EMU MO Phatt (WTF, Why did I buy this thing?)

...think i need to find a 2000 and fill it with roms like the vintage keys,protean drums, pop rom and mo phatt, i think thatll round out the wierd drums section, check em out, if you dont like em, the roms hold there value on skibay at the present time.hooppie

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Behringer Neutron! Semi modular

Its not Mo Ffatt, its Moffatt its the surname of the designer, Keith Moffatt. Nobody needs to be careful of that. It is pronounced differently.

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Best synth for deep, Detroit house pads - Moodymann etc

Speaking of ROMplers, in an interview Rick Wade says most of his early records’ non sampled “deep sounds” came from his Korg T3. Rick’s friend Mike Huckaby was a notorious user of the Waldorf Wave and released a couple sample CDs of sounds including lots of pad type sounds.

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