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E-MU Systems 1820m
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The E-MU 1820M Master-Level Recording System delivers everything you need to produce audio on a PC with professional results: 24-bit/192kHz converters (the same A/D converters used in Digidesign's flagship ProTools HD 192 I/O interface), hardware-accelerated effects and mixing, comprehensive sync options, and seamless compatibility with your favorite PC audio/sequencer software.

The 1820M is now shipping with the new Power FX software update, giving users the ability to run over 600 hardware-accelerated effects as VST plug-ins for Cubase and other applications. Power FX also introduces E-MU's first expansion plug-in, with new reverb and delay effects.

Provides pristine 24-bit, 192kHz conversion and flexible connectivity with 18 audio inputs and 20 outputs, 32 channels of MIDI I/O, Word Clock, SMPTE, and MTC sync, plus a FireWire port. Plug guitars, keyboards, and microphones straight into your system through 2 premium TFPro mic preamps with 40dB of gain or attenuation and 48V phantom power. 32-bit effects processor is hardware-accelerated (no CPU overhead!) and supports plug-in architecture. 32 channels of zero latency mixing/monitoring with super-flexible virtual patchbay. Full compatibility with most popular audio/sequencer applications. Includes a powerful software studio package.


Audio interfaces and their AD/DA chips LISTED

...AK5385a AK4396 TRACKER PRE AK5385, CS4392 0404: PCM1804 AKM AK4395 1820: PCM1804 CS4392 1212m AK5394 CS4398 1616m AK5394 CS4398 1820M AK5394A CS4398 JRC2068 FOCUSRITE Saffire CS42428-CQ Saffire LE CS42432-DMZ Saffire 6 USB CS4272 Platinum 8 OctoPre AKM5383 AKM5383 Saffire Pro CS4272 Liquid Saffire 56 CS4272 KRK Ergo A/D AK4620 D/A AK4396 ASRC AK4122 LEXICON fw810s CS4272-CZZ...

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Emu 1820m moded with a fully descrete output "WOW"

...and the gd-audio opa-moon fully discrete opamp. With the gd-audio opamp being pretty cheap I decided to mod my emu 1820m monitor channels with gd-audio opa-moon modules and swap the dc filter caps with the equivalent elna silmic II caps since they got raving reviews as well. Now this mod removes all IC chips...

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Why are modern A/D converters unable to accurately reproduce an analog recording?

...merrit to them all basically sounding the same. It's sure not my experience having owned the low priced E-MU 1820M (nice sounding converter but higher latency interface) and other high price over $100k systems. We still need that shootout to make better purchasing decisions concerning converters.

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