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Digital Series Subharmonic Synthesizer


Frequency Response
(no synthesis, full-range mode) - 25Hz - 20kHz + or - 1dB

Dynamic Range

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
(no synthesis, either output) - 0,05%

Intermodulation distortion (IMD) IHF or SMPTE
(no synthesis, either output) - 0,05%

Output noise
(either output) - -90 dBV, controls @ maximum

Equivalent input noise
-95 dBV

Maximum input and output

Synthesis Frequency Range
27 - 55 Hz (from 54 - 110 Hz input signal)

12dB/octave high-pass (-3dB @ 120 Hz), 6dB/octave derived lowpass; phase-coherent (unity-sum); variable 50-210 Hz


Duran Duran

...well...just not right. dave saved my butt on that one. there's still a few shaky moments (too much 120 xds on the toms on "got to get you out of my mind" uh, oops. wtf was *I* thinking? sounds pretty scary on my klipsch surround setup). but for the most...

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Low End Balance and Punch

Glad you noticed the difference in the low end on Tool's music! For "Undertow" and "Opiate" a DBX 120X-DS was used on the bass and the kick drum in the mix... mmmmm... maybe just a wee little too much? haha!... ;) The DBX 120X-DS is an external rack-mount subharmonic synthesizer unit, I've included a photo...

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Interview with Dave Pensado

...tricks (along with learning some from the AMAZING Bob Power). For the Bass I used the 120XDS by DBX sometimes, also an old Roland Dimension D, along with a MOOG parametric EQ. I also like preset 35 on the Sony M7. Every once in a while I will use Tile Room from the PCM70 on...

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