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Polyphony - 8 Voices; 2-part multitimbral
Oscillators - 96 preset waveforms + 32 user waveforms
LFO - Two, each with own envelope generator
Filter - Curtis analog (digitally controlled) 4-pole lowpass with its own envelope generators
Envelopes - 5 stage amp, filter and mix envelopes
Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity / aftertouch)
Memory - 100 patches
Effects - twin chorus, stereo effects panning of individual oscillators/individual voices
Arpeggiator - user can define note order by playing.
Control - MIDI


Speculation on the next Sequential instrument

I would like to see Prophet Vs Full stereo path Real stereo analogue filter 4gb user sample ram and personal wavetable creation ability to scan and granulate user samples in real time Usb drag and drop of wav files ( stereo and mono ) Ability to load akai akp key map files and samples. I would like to see...

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Just bought a Jupiter 8, first thoughts.

...competition: Ob-x (4voice, midi), P5r2 (no midi), Arp Rhodes Chroma Expander, Oberheim Xpander, Trident Mk1 with midi, Prophet 600 gligli, Prophet VS, Minimoog (orig osc), Arp Odyssey Mk3, Roland SH-5, Oberheim SEM (orig), Maxikorg (with cv), Synergy Mk1, DX7IIfd, Yamaha Sk30, Eko Stradivarius, Elka 610, RS-202, and some quality vintage effects (ie: re-101, lex...

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Prophet Rev 2 (with keys) or Novation Peak

...many different things. How about oleg’s free DX7 user oscillator that imports DX7 patch banks? Or the Tim Shoebridge Prophet VS user oscillator? Or various wavetable oscillators or WAV sample import instruments. Also the efx are really great, reverbs and delays are really top shelf. Prophet rev 2 is great too. Harder dco sound,...

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