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Luna II

Creamware Luna II
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Featuring a complete and up-to-date set of ultra-low-latency drivers available and 24-bit / 96 kHz quality I/O, Luna II is equipped with CreamWare's Ultra Low Latency Interface (ULLI). Thanks to this technology, audio driver latencies can be adjusted down to as low as 1 ms . This permits the configuration to be fully optimized for any host computer - including the more-powerful computers which the future will surely bring. In addition to hardware-based ASIO/EASI support, ULLI features a complete set of lightning-fast driver.

For more analog connectivity, the compact Luna 2496 converter box can be added. There is also a 16-channel ADAT interface available. Or you can add a second Luna card to double your I/Os . A single-Luna system can manage 36 inputs and outputs. Luna II boasts three ultra-fast SHARC DSPs.

Luna II can also serve as a mixer - one which lets you integrate your external equipment into the mix with zero latency. Thanks to its on-board Luna's DSP mixer features its own EQ and compression units which, as with all DSP-based modules, drain no power from your CPU. A dedicated 16-channel 5.1 surround mixer also makes Luna II the logical choice as an I/O card for multimedia and film composers.

Luna II is open to the plug-in library available for CreamWare's Pulsar/SCOPE platform. There are well over 100 of them available today - effects, synthesizers, samplers and more. Dozens of them can even be downloaded for free from the Internet.

In the signal routing window, you can set up all of the connections between the various signal sources which Luna II can work with. The possibilities are almost infinite. You can route signals between hardware I/Os, drivers and the software mixers any way you like. DSP plug-ins as well, whether virtual instruments or effects processors, can be positioned anywhere you like in the signal chain.

Hardware highlights

24-bit / 96 kHz PCI card for PC and Mac

Stereo analog I/O and stereo S/PDIF digital I/O

Z-Link port for connection of Luna 2496 I/O box (8 additional analog I/Os)

Expandable to 36 I/Os with the 2x ADAT / 1x Z-Link Expansion

High-speed drivers for ASIO 2.0, EASI, DirectSound, MME, tripleDAT, GigaSampler, OMS, Sound Manager MIDI interface (In & Out)

DSP features

On-board 24-channel recording mixer and 16-channel surround mixer

On-board equalizer and compressor DSP effects

Routing window provides routing possibilities

Integrates external studio equipment "live" with your native audio software

Compatible to the Pulsar/SCOPE DSP plug-in library


need help: buying monitors and dsp soundcard... computer is becoming too slow for those cpu hungry vsts. so what do you think: CREAMWARE Luna II CREAMWARE Luna 24/96 box UNIVERSAL AUDIO UAD-1-DSP Project pack im thinking about uad. everyone says they are the best plugins. but will it help my cpu??? im having AMD 3000...

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10dB level difference... Between mics of the same type?

Hey, BT64. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I know they released the Luna II after the Luna. These are both just plain old 'Luna'. Though the font used for 'Luna' on the shell of each is different. The innards look more or less the same, barring different brands of component. I've attached...

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Hardware synth modules recommendation

...have some strange problems with my Alesis Midi keyboard Q49. Will check first how Alesis Midi keyboard works over Midi to Luna II card. I have now connected it thru USB. Never had problems before, but now, Midi keyboard changing pitch tones while i'm doing sequence and acts odd. Even when i have done few factory resets,...

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