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Casio WK-3500
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Casio's newest portables utilize the high performance Zpi sound source to deliver the most realistic piano, organ, and synth sounds, plus a huge library of built-in tones, rhythms, and DSP settings. These powerful instruments feature an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus powerful built-in speakers to take your performance to the next level. These keyboards are ideal for home/project studio use, open-mic performance, education/classroom applications, or simply for pure musical enjoyment. Includes AC Adapter (AD-12)


Introducing the "B Team"- who has a modest synth arsenal?

Was an "A" team player in the day but sold all the good stuff to put food in the kids mouths. Now am just rebuilding after just keeping my pride and joy. Korg Trident mk1 Virus TI2 Desktop Korg Triton LE Roland U110 Roland MV-30 Mopho Casio WK3500 Yamaha SY22 Roland MSQ700

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I'm new to MIDI. Help (please)

...web pages explaining how it's done I'm still struggling... I'm running Logic pro 9 and trying to use a Casio WK-3500 for writing. Up to now I've been drawing notes in the piano roll and doing everything internally, but I think it's about time I figured out how to play parts in. I've just been given...

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I'm new to MIDI. Help (please)

do you want to play VST with that keyboard? if so then connecting the MIDI OUT from the synth into the MIDI IN in your soundcard should be straightforward and therefore you don't need the 1/4" audio jacks. Also I don't know the Logic software but you should set some preferences in the options of...

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