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Casio WK-1800
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The most cliched (and dated) sounds on arrangers/workstations!

Well I don't know if I'd call this "modern" sounding, but it's not intentionally nostalgic or retro: lvVN46VGndI It's a fun challenge to try to make non-cheesy music this way. My dream is to buy a Casio WK-1800 and make something really good with it. If I can manage that I'll become an ascended master.

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CASIO strikes back

All of the 90s models were pretty dirty sounding to one degree or another. The CT-670, CTK-1000, CTK-500, WK-1800, VA-10, SK-60, etc. are some other good examples. The ones with "magical presets" also sound super weird (skip to 1:35): fvpwJYb9UgE Starting with the MZ-2000, some of the higher end models got a lot more flexible,...

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Casio WK-1630 fires up but no sound

I have a WK1800, I used it for years (now it's in storage). Mine had a sort of crackling/distortion noise, especially at high volume, because of... dust accumulated on the speakers. :amaze: They are directed to the top of the instrument and there's only a protection grill, so dust accumulates on the loudspeakers and makes...

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