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Casio MT-400V
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Casio HT6000?

...not square waves, and the only filters in most models are passive RC filters (the exceptions being the HT series, MT-400V and CT-410V; these have actual VCFs). And there are also a few other models that seem to be significantly different from the well known categories (MT-35, MT-55 and related models, PT series, VL,...

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MPC live

...sync, get the mpc to set its own BPM to that, then disable it? I'm trying to sample from a Casio MT400v (which has no midi at all, and an unlabelled slider for tempo!) via an audio-to-clock detector box. The BPM it sends seems fine, so if the live can 'grab' that and overwrite...

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Behringer Poly D (Warp Drive)

...NEVER paraphonic. None of them have adsr for vca/dca or adsr for filters. Hell, even quasi devices like the Casio MT-400V with an analogue filter was advertised as poly.

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