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Casio CZ-101
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It's small, it's cheap, and it's good! This is the pea-size version of the CZ-1000 with a mini-keyboard. The CZ-101 is a digital synth and although the programming is somewhat limited there are plenty of analog-like traits and sounds to interest most anybody. It has a good 8-stage envelope design and uses Phase Distortion (PD) synthesis which gives it some pretty great sounds. The sounds are very similar to the Yamaha DX synthesizers, and they're much more affordable. PD is Casio's own take on digital synthesis from the mid-eighties and is found in all of their CZ series. You basically modify digital waveforms (it has eight basic wave types, e.g. sine waves) to create various sounds. It can create wild new sounds, notably percussive sounds. But it's not too easy to program if you don't know much about waveform theory and design.


Some Casio CZ love?

...different way of thinking" when it comes to programming. refreshing actually, though i still haven't read the manual. i had a CZ-101 years back when i first started buying synths, but was more into my other slider-laden Roland synths at the time. had the manuals (thank gods) and spent some time getting to know it,...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...A 1978 Aries modular with a few frack rack modules in a custom walnut case. A Casio CZ101 sits perfectly above the Aries. Next an original 1969 Moog modular with added Dotcom sequencer on top in three custom tolex cabinets. The 69 Moog is the original three oscillator Moog and...

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Insane in the Membrane Synths outbid a coupla times. And now you’re making me want the CZ-PL again :cop: A friendly reminder that the CZ101 has physical buttons. The larger CZ1000 is the one with membrane switches.

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