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CAD Audio GXL3000
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Best Budget Mics - My Recommendations

...mic using two of the '84-inspired capsules. Away from MF while looking for LDC mics, I found the three-pattern CAD GXL3000 for $98 at a place called "Mary's Music Supply". Typically this is the lowest price three-pattern mic available and hovers around $119. Uses the typically bright K67-type capsule. This is my favorite FET...

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What is a real Neumann u87 substitute without the brand recognition

My "U87ish" DIY mic cost around $350 total, and it was a blast to build. I used a RK87 capsule, the Dany Bouchard PCB, and a Cinemag tranny. For the donor I bought a blown CAD GXL3000 on ebay for $35. It's definitely in the ballpark.

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...spend what an M179 costs. You might be seeing MSRP vs street price. I haven't seen a single place where the GXL3000 goes for $329.

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