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Buchardt Audio  A500
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Why go active?

Taking the award winning performance of the Buchardt S400 as a starting point for further improvement, the next step in performance evolution is to take control of the rest of the reproduction stages. This leads to the development of the Buchardt A500 active speakers, and it’s not just a small step in the right direction!

The A series is not just another Active speaker, it's a flexible platform. A platform that allows it to be what you want, sound like you want, and be directly tailored to your room, both in terms of normal HiFi stereo setup, home theater or professional use. In addition to the extreme amount of flexibility, it can also be the most simple stereo you have tried. It's all about what you want.


Amphion... Beautiful

10-4 So you preferred the $200 Behringer A500 Reference over the Amphion Amp500?

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August 2019 New Gear Thread

...OB-6 key action is much better than the action on my Nord A1, and a little nicer than my Roland A500 Pro controller, which I will now sell. The aftertouch is a pleasure to use, very sensitive and expressive, I can't say that for the Roland. The presets are, for the most part, excellent....

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Using HW samplers is hard!

I meant to the larger extent. It is not a production technique anymore. Of course there are people still doing it. As well as there is still a scene for a500 tracker music.

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