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The DPR-901 is a "dynamic equalizer" with 4 bands of 30 dB of compression or 16 dB of expansion, of which the threshold can be set by frequency. The selected band of audio has a width control, in the lowest and highest band can be switched to shelf, and can be monitored. A fast release may be selected for the automatic decay phase. There are slight differences between the MK1 and MK2 model.


Anyone mixing on the Allen & Heather D-Live?

...16 on the d-Live and multi band's and pre amp emulation on every channel vs only 4 insertable virtual Bss 901's, I really think Soundcraft have dropped the ball on this one. Running at 96kHz straight out the box (unlike the Soundcraft) with enough processing for 128 input channels, 64 output channels at 0.7ms...

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EQs with true stereo control

Just for the sake of completeness, I do remember several analogue dynamic EQs, mostly aimed at the live market. The BSS 901 was the one that broke through, IIRC, prior to the widespread adoption of digital consoles in live venues.

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Stereo Limiter pedal ? to tame resonance live

perfect price bracket ! is it a nice cut ? from the demos i heard, the tone change feels very musical ! besides, i used to love pedals that cut the highs on a microkorg for instance, excited about this pedal now. i'm sure it's very efficient, and the price is reasonable, but the form factor doesn't...

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