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Boz Digital Labs Panther
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Panther is designed to solve the most common issues you face when mixing stereo tracked instruments. It has everything you need to prevent (or create!) volume, phase and tonal differences between the left and right channels of your track. With Panther, you get independent EQ, Gain, Pan and Delay control over each channel.

Panther also provides a Mid/Side option to give you complete control over the stereo field of your tracks.


Vintage Neve 8038 on Ebay

...orchestral music for film scores, including most of the James Bond films from the 70s to the 90s, multiple Pink Panther and Superman films, Murder on the Orient Express, The Omen, and many others. Along with orchestral recording, the Music Centre at Wembley was also a popular mixing room. Among many other albums,...

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Airwindows PurestEcho: AU, Mac and PC VST

Cool idea! I'd love to see a "purest" version of your take in Boz Panther...

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So Many Want Exclusive it was needed to justify their higher price. And this is why I always arrive at meetings with a pet panther wearing a gold rolex.

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