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Dr. Rhytm DR-550

Boss Dr. Rhytm DR-550
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Which drum machines do you own?

Must've missed this thread: Tr-606 Spectralis Zoom RT-223 Alesis HR-16 (in the garage somewhere) Long Gone: RZ-1 (loved those sliders and extra crappy sampler!) SR-16 TR-505 (my first) ESX-1 (x2) DR-550 E-mu PX-7 (sold before I really figured it out...too bad) DR-202

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What synth present do I buy for my 50th birthday?

...(x2) Alesis SR-18 AMS DMX 15-80S ARP Odyssey ARP Omni-2 Arturia Keystep Arturia MicroBrute (x2) Ashly SC-50 (x2) BBE 362 Behringer Model D Behringer Neutron Biamp MR/140 BOSS DR-110 Boss DR-220A BOSS DR-55 (x2) Boss DR-550 mkII Casio MT-100 Casio CZ-1000 Casio CZ-101 Casio MT-600 Casio SK-1 Casio VL-1 CMI Fairlight IIx Crumar Bit01 Dangerous Bax EQ DBX 160X (x2) Dübreq Stylophone GEN X-1 E-mu Drumulator E-mu E4X turbo E-mu Emulator E-mu Emulator II E-mu Proteus/1 E-mu Proteus/2 E-mu Proteus/3 Eurorack (small system) Eventide H3000 Eventide H910 Fender Bluesbreaker amp Fender Jazzmaster Fender...

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Rockin' Rock Songs with drum machines

...E-Mu Drumulator SP12 with real drum samples and live cymbals. I was inspired by Joe to buy an inexpensive Boss DR-550 and wrote and recorded this Joe inspired song with it using it on my Tascam 424 Portastudio:

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