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Black Lion Audio Auteur
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The Auteur from Black Lion Audio is a dual channel microphone preamp that features fully balanced transformerless circuits, using a similar topology found in many highly acclaimed recording consoles. This provides a high slew rate circuit on the input stage that faithfully reproduces the leading transients of any audio source. The balanced design also provides ample headroom for handling large input signal without distortion.

Because transformer outputs traditionally add "heft" to an audio signal, the company has designed the preamp with steel output transformers, lending a "vintage" flavor to the signal. Housed in a half rack space enclosure, the preamp delivers a healthy dose of gain and features individually switchable phantom power. A 10 dB output pad switch on each channel allows for perfectly matching downstream equipment if required and phase reverse switches are included.
Dual channel microphone preamp
Transformeless input with 66 dB of gain
Transformer based outputs
Individually switchable +48V phantom power
Per channel phase reverse switch
Per channel 10 dB pad
1U half rack space enclosure


WARM audio WA12

...real deal first hand. Save your money and spend it right the first time on the real deal. The BLA Auteur is very over priced at 600.00 for what’s inside this mic pre, but aren’t most mid level pres?? Just never thought I would see BLA jump on the over priced band wagon, but...

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Best mixing headphones!

...won't find anything below $1500. You'll find headphones like the Audeze MM500 or MX4, like the Sennheiser HD800S, the ZMF Auteur, the HEDDphone, the Focal Utopia or Clear... and even these headphones are not perfect in all categories. The HD800S without EQ lacks a bit of bass and has got a slight peak...

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Black Lion Audio announces availability of Auteur DT

A quick response after receiving the Auteur DT: Built well, looks great and sounds super. Truly a wonderful option for those of us who are not 500 series Auteur capable. Having a unit of this build/component quality in the price range of units like GAP Pre 73-Jr is remarkable. I hope people give it a...

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