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Beyerdynamic M88
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Vocals, bass drum, bass amp, cajón, studio

Some products are born classics and the M 88 has to take centre-stage for being far ahead of its time when it was first introduced in the 1960`s. Incorporating a new low-mass diaphragm element, the M 88 TG has earned its place in history in the Kick Drum (for this application, the use of an external popshield like PS 88 or WS 59 is strongly recommended). Sound engineers have found that the lightning-fast transient response of the microphone reproduces the complex sound patterns of this instrument resulting in the tight `thump` without the need for complex signal processing.
This characteristic works equally well on other instruments especially where intricate low frequencies and their harmonics need to be captured. The M 88 TG is one of the most frequently specified microphones by sound engineers worldwide and heralded a beyerdynamic contemporary classic as this microphone becomes renown for capturing emotive audio signals.


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...I can’t do my usual thing of Glynn John’s OH, etc for. He likes 441’s on snare and M88s on Tom’s because they both have great low end and excellent rejection. I usually don’t mic the ride, but used a D19. I’ve been adding the Alien 8 Joe Barresi gave me to the...

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Is it normal to just not like a highly regarded mic?

...States was familiar with them- my 101s and 201 all cost me $50 each, I was given an original model M88 (likely stolen) as payment for a session I had agreed to do for pizza and beer. I do want an M130 to go with my 160, but I have a pair of Shure...

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