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DT 770 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
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Best mixing headphones!

...soundstage as well as other differences. I write down notes such as “guitar too bright”. I then listen on DT770 and make notes. I then go back to AT’s and make adjustments. I then play mix on my Montitor Audio Radius HD AV speakers and make notes. I then play mix in car and make...

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Tone Projects announces Kelvin Tone Shaper 1.5

...a first step. - I compared Kelvin while listening on a basic SSL 2+ interface and Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones. A classic « kitchen » setup in-between sessions haha. When I get to the studio. I switched on the Apogee Symphony 32, the ATC 300 and finally started to compare. And then I get it ! I compared with proper...

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Steven Slate Audio VSX 3.0 + VSX Essentials Bundle

Same here. I invested a few thousand in room treatment and Neumann monitors before. Sonarworks and all the other solutions couldn't make a helpful difference. VSX was indeed a gamechanger for me. Now I feel more comfortable working on my VSX than on monitors. I would actually feel even more comfortable with 3.02 ... ;)

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