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Behringer DDX3216
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Digital mixing console with 32 channels, 16 internal buses, 8 aux sends and motorized faders.


What Behringer gear does not suck ?!

...pre's and work flow. They are useable and you can get good recordings if this is your budget. 2. The DDX3216 is the best buy at Behringer now. IT's only like $500 for this digital mixer that is better than the Yamaha 01V96 is many ways. 16 lighted encoders, more dedicated I/O means less...

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Anyone else disappointed in Kebu's work for Roland?

...II; Korg Micro-preset M500; Logan String Melody; Moog Source; Oberheim Matrix 6R; Yamaha RM1x (only for MIDI sequencing); Behringer DDX3216; Lexicon MPX500” That’s not 1 but 2 Junos, a Tr808, Arp Odyssey is quite popular as is the RM1x and Matrix 6. Every video I click, he has some pretty popular gear listed, some of...

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Squarp Pyramid, how do you use yours in a computer less setup?

...multitimbral options of some of my units, like Virus TI, Nord Rack II, Motif Rack, K2000RS. Mixer I use is DDX3216 and I really need to look more closely into its MIDI control like you suggested. Generative approach is interesting though I use it to a point at which if I'm happy with a part,...

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