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Behringer C-4
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Cardioid Condenser Mic Matched Pair With Low-frequency Roll-off and Input Attenuation


What Behringer gear does not suck ?!

I for one have had pleasant results using Behringer C-4 SDCs. Put those up on the included stereo bar in ORTF/X-Y postion, add a kick mic & maybe a snare mic...Bam! I've got my drum sound. For my tastes, I prefer them to those overpriced Rode mics. I also use the HPS3000 headphones for...

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Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

yeah, I'm quoting myself. And I have just made a (very lousy :D) demo for this. What you're hearing is the Tempest, playing multiple pads/sounds chromatically over MIDI (no multitracking).

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New Modular Gear Purchase Thread

...stupid having just bought a bunch of processors and pedals. :facepalm: The guitar gear is a bunch of Schecters: E-1 Apocalypse, C-4 Apocalypse, Silver Mountain C-1 FR-S, Solo-II Custom, and an Orleans Stage. Effects-wise, I got some things from Rocktron: Chameleon 2000, Voodu Valve, MP-1, Pro Bass, Gainiac, Tri-Wah, and the Cyborg series pedals.

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