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Pro Tools Flex (annual or monthly subscription) is Avid’s solution for high-end music professionals and audio post and music facilities who require the full power and advanced workflows of Pro Tools to tackle the most challenging and complex projects. Pro Tools Flex is a subscription bundle that includes an enhanced version of Pro Tools Ultimate software, plus additional content and third-party licenses to deliver an unprecedented level of performance. As before, Pro Tools Ultimate software is still required when running Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native systems.

Active Pro Tools Ultimate subscribers will receive the full Pro Tools Flex subscription bundle, including the latest version of Pro Tools Ultimate, while Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual license customers with active plans will get the Pro Tools Ultimate software enhancements.


Making music in 90s was alot easier than today...

All of the stuff I did with White Zombie was on a rig that was for sure laughable by today's standards. Either a Macintosh Iix or maybe I'd moved to Quadra 950 by then, NuBus ProTools with the old pre-DSP Farm setup. I think it used one card to connect to the SCSI...

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Avid Introduces New Pro Tools Subscription Offerings

...producers allowing large projects by offering 512 audio tracks, Surround Panner and the complete Avid Plugin Bundle; finally we have Pro Tools Flex, the successor of Pro Tools Ultimate but this time with included Digilink License and up to 1,024 Aux Tracks. New Pro Tools subscription offering for entry-level musicians, plus enhanced functionality and new...

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What (current) AVID installer includes C1 Chorus-Vibrato?

What (current) AVID installer includes C1 Chorus-Vibrato? Hi all June 2022 - yes i have many avid plugins installed, but what AVID installer currently includes C1 Chorus-Vibrato? Running a valid up to date rental of ProTools Ultimate, and PT runs fine on this 2nd rig - as do the other Avid Plugs on this session... just missing this...

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