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AudioMulch is an interactive musician's environment for PC and Mac. It is used for live electronic music performance, composition and sound design.

AudioMulch allows you to make music by patching together a range of sound producing and processing modules. Unlike some patcher-based programming environments, AudioMulch's modules perform high-level musical functions, so you don't have to create things from the ground up using individual oscillators and filters. AudioMulch is designed for live performance and improvisation - you can process live audio sources and control every knob and slider on the user interface using a MIDI controller.


Nine Inch Nails synths

...Waldorf Microwave and XT figured prominently. Sequenced on Logic with ProTools/24, record to Studer, mix on SSL 4k. AudioMulch, Reaktor, ReBirth with custom in-house mods were used a lot. With Teeth and beyond = add modulars out the arse. heh

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Cytomic "The Glue" Bus Compressor Effect Plugin have a go with it. anyway.. just wanted to say thanks for that plug in. it lived in every audiomulch patch i ever made.

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A "DAW" emulating old 4-track tape recorders?

...polish and save things that didn’t really work. Because of this, I set up a kind of multitrack in Audiomulch. It goes, Sound In, Mono Eq and any other Inserts, File Recorder. All of this x 4 into a panning mixer, tape plugin, limiter, Sound Out. You can’t see any waveforms and if you’ve got a...

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