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Audio-Technica AT3060
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A price/performance first in tube microphone technology, AT3060 side-address tube mic delivers warm, classic tube sound. Operating on 48V phantom power, it offers the convenience and easy setup of a studio condenser. The microphone contains a large diaphragm cardioid capsule, large coupling transformer, and a hand-selected, individually tested and aged tube. Its shock-mounted tube assembly dampens mechanically coupled vibrations.


Power supply and +48v

...input Phantom Power. Those have not turned out to be very successful, the latest being the discontinued Audio Technica AT3060. Those obviously do need phantom power to function. The line-output of your Focusrite mic pre should ONLY be connected to the TRS Line-level input of the MBox. It should never be connected...

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UH7000 and Tube Mic, do I need the preamps?

...only a handful of tube mics that have been designed to run on standard 48v phantom power. The Audio Technica AT3060 is probably the most "popular" one to break the rule that a tube mic needs it's own seperate power supply and many people are not even familiar with this one. BTW you are using...

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Mics for a female vocal duo get the same mic or could any mic be tweaked to get what she wants? Candidates, LA220, WARM WA47JR, AT2050 AT3060, Aston Origin, AKG 214 (and what you will suggest...)

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