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Arturia MiniBrute
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Monophonic synthesizer with 25 note Keyboard with Aftertouch


Arturia Minibrute

Really obnoxious that this is the first result when I search "Minibrute review" in Google. The guy keeps deleting my posts. How did this guy even get his job? He has no clue what he's talking about. Hardware Highlight: Arturia Minibrute - The Official Editors Keys Blog EDIT: He's completely deleted his useless uninformed speculation and...

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Roland Boutique - Three new Roland synth products??

Microbrute and Keylab 25. First one had a busted keybed preventing you from depressing the last 3 keys, the other had a completely detached key. Good times No, you live in a world where condescending remarks and insulting others doesn't go very far in a community. If you don't like it, fine, but why hate on others...

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Akai MPC one

...Is this right? If so, how to I access complete note range? 2) I have plugged in an Arturia Minibrute via the USB, and it is recognised and connected. I can, for example, change its programs from the MPC. However, the MPC doesn't seem to be sending it note data (either...

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