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Arturia DrumBrute
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Key features of the Arturia DrumBrute include:
Analog powerhouse: DrumBrute contains 17 fully analog drum & percussion instruments, including two kicks, snare, clap, open & closed hats, high & low toms and conga, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambou- rine, zap, cymbal, and even a reverse cymbal.

Exciting synth features: the main output contains a highly regarded two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, al- lowing you to add dynamic frequency sweeps and satisfying bass drops. Not only that, but every drum sound has multiple parameters that can be tweaked to achieve your perfect kit.

Easy to use, quick to learn: each one of DrumBrute’s 64 sequences can contain up to 64 steps, and can be chained together in a song mode. Despite this massive performance power, punching in your perfect beat is simple and fast. Fans of vintage drum machines will feel right at home with the familiar layout.

No menus: every feature has its own dedicated button, knob, or pad, so you’ll spend less time navigat- ing endless sub-menus and more time making music.

In-depth editing: get in the groove with the natural Swing feature, inspire yourself by dialling in some Randomness, mix up your rhythm with Step Repeat, Roller and Looper functions, accent particular drum hits to add some punch to your beat... DrumBrute has a wealth of advanced features that will satisfy even the most discerning musicians and producers.

Plays well with others: DrumBrute has extensive connectivity and sync options, including MIDI, Clock, 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24, and DIN48. This means that DrumBrute will work seamlessly with all of your other modular, synth, and sequencing gear.

Amazing in the studio: DrumBrute boasts dedicated audio outputs for each instrument channel giving almost limitless options for external processing and multitrack recording; 3.5mm and 1⁄4” headphone outputs so you’ll never have to hunt out an adapter again; and it can act as a fully-fledged MIDI inter- face to control your DAW. DrumBrute is an essential tool for the modern producer.

Reliable on stage: with rugged housing, chunky pads, and wiggle-free knobs, DrumBrute can be relied upon to perform show after show. Always striving to improve with every new release, Arturia have created a strong, enduring instrument that’s ready for life on the road.

Punches above its weight: DrumBrute stands toe-to-toe with the leading drum synths on the market, but at a fraction of the price. No other all-analog drum machine features such inspiring and dynamic features while retaining a sense of intuitive, tactile fun.


Behringer RD-8 Analog Drum Machine

Am I one of the few to actually prefer rubber pads to rigid buttons? I actually like the feel of my Maschine pads and Drumbrute. I find the Maschine especially expressive and could not imagine tapping on rigid buttons.

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...a minefield: Innards of the Riddim Cave: And the Summit: Space is paired with Monologue and Epsilon and Geiger Counter are connected to Drumbrute. I'm really happy with all of this, but there's a bunch of stuff i want to try out, yet. Hologram Electronics microcosm, MWFX Judder, Novation Circuit mono station, Yamaha EAD 10, and Moog...

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My tracks need beats and drums but I don’t want to program them anymore

Cool. That sounds fun but I have a pet peeve where anything repeating more than eight bars makes me mental and four on the floor makes me a bit Ill. Need humanization and randomization like a good jazz drummer but programming it is a nightmare.

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