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ART Pro Audio Voice Channel
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Class A Tube Channel Strip with Dynamics and EQ Processing and Digital Connectivity


U87 or save my money

...little background: I have an Audio Technica AT4040 that I bought back in 2009 as well as a ART Voice Channel (I know you will all probably say it sucks) that I got this year. I have a room that doesnt give a lot of reverberations to record in, and I also...

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Eventide exhibiting new H9000 flagship processor at AES New York 2017

...connect any set of four effects with flexible routing. FX CHAINS can be created to act as a voice channel, a guitar ‘pedal board’, or a modular synth with effects, etc. The H9000’s remote control application, emote, is available for users working ‘in the box’ or over an audio network. emote is available as a...

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Seeking preamp under $300 get a pretty decent interface to go with it too. You could also hunt down a Joemeek VC3, the old voice channel from the 90's. This is a darker, more colored, but musical preamp-compressor-enhancer. You could get decent results from a Gap 73DLX but it is kind of "cloudy" if heavily pushed to my ears,...

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