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Single-Channel Tube Microphone/Instrument Preamplifier.


Upload your ART Tube MP vocal

Been hearing great things about this ART Tube MP. I've heard a shoot out in here between it and the Great River. However does anyone else have a vocal recording with the preamp they want to upload please? Many thanks.

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Waves Audio Now Shipping the BSS DPR-402 Compressor/Limiter/De-Esser

Wait till they bring the legendary Alesis 3630, then the Art Tube MP, followed by the Behringer Bass V-Amp.

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Microphone not recognized with preamp?

Hello, I have an AT2035 which I connect to a tube MP into an audiobox usb to my computer. I turn on phantom power on the preamp, but I receive zero input. If I connect the microphone directly into the interface I get a signal. I replaced an xlr cable and the preamp to...

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