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ARP Synthesizers Solina
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Polyphonic, multitimbral synthesizer with voices violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello, contrabass. Manufactured by Eminent BV in 1974 until 1981. The oscillators are tied in a sub-octave divider network. Two LFOs provide movement. The VCA is controlled by an AR envelope. There's a chorus effect available. The synth has 49 keys. Additionally it offers a gate output to control other synthesizers.


Behringer Solina String Ensemble

Whatever happened to the other thread Anyway, this was posted today! Our engineer Adam at our Willich HQ gives us a treat with the Solina String Ensemble, a classic.

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Seeking input on a vintage poly decision (or none of the above)

...(But hey, I wouldn't have spent that much on a vintage Jaguar either.) - Juno 6 & an ARP Omni or Solina String Ensemble. I love the Juno sound but never owned one and missed out on them being $500 (I was strictly playing guitar and bass until the last few years) and the Nymphes...

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Seeking input on a vintage poly decision (or none of the above)

...the overall tone and sound. Plus they added an ensemble effect that is partly modeled after the one on the Solina, and that satisfied my need for a stringer. I'm sure people will be aghast by what I wrote, so be it.

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