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With Klasik we wanted to give you a tool that will transform your work into fun.

It is a no-compromise fusion of craftsmanship and sonic precision.
We have achieved this by obtaining a very smooth SPL amplitude and phase.
By using a very light, 19mm tweeter dome we managed not only to achieve great detail in the upper range of Klasik but also to provide excellent directional response.

Thanks to a 7 inch woofer sporting a very powerful and technologically advanced magnetic circuit Klasik offers a very precise and fast bass and mediums, very useful for precise EQ work.

Its active crossover was designed to the highest standard. Each Klasik is carefully calibrated to the template and paired. The incredible amount of work that went into Klasik puts it right next to some substantially more expensive products.

To make the long story short - if you are thinking of buying a pair of near-field monitors, give it a shot! We are sure it will be the bull’s eye for you!


APS Klasik - anyone use them?

Just wondering how the APS Klasik's sound? How do they translate and are they pleasing to listen to. I'm tired of my Adam A7X not translating and struggling all the time. They also fatigue my ears pretty fast. They are not bad sounding, but just not working for me. So it was either get some...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

My new studio space! It's located on a former military base. Just fields and deer around here and a few sweet Cameroon sheeps. Only thing missing are new speakers which are going to be APS Klasik and my utility euro rack case. Heating with wood feels pretty Techno :guitarjam:

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APS Klasik - anyone use them?

I been in a fight with myself for either Eve sc307, dynaudio lyd48, genelec m040($600 for pair) or APS Klasik 2020 or Aeon v1 …..wild card JBL lsr? I swear every mix engineer has these as a top 10! As for APS i see a pattern of people saying how well it translates and...

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