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Your New Session Guitarist
Combines an acoustic and an electric guitar in the same package. With chord recognition, chord voicing, strumming and picking action, MIDI riff library, amp and effects, playing guitar on a keyboard has never been so easy.

Strum with MIDI loops

Use the collection of recorded strumming patterns over the chords you play and find inspiration for your track. drag and drop the loop to your host sequencer and make it perfect for you song.

The right voicings for the chords you know

Strum gs-2 chord library contains basic and extended chords available in open, movable, or drop voicings. play the chords you know and strum voices them automatically as a guitarist would.

Strum on your keyboard

Trigger down and upstrokes, scratches and mutes, or create picking patterns using the arpeggio keys.

Articulation and expression

Slide and bend with the pitch wheel or aftertouch. add vibrato with the modulation wheel. natural hammer-ons and pull-offs when playing leads.

The benefits of physical modeling
Sound manipulation at the source core
Presets load in a flash
Super smooth dynamics—no velocity layers!
Small memory footprint—less than 256 MB of RAM per instance
Installs in less than a minute—less than 61 MB on disk


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