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USB 500 Rack

Aphex USB 500 Rack
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Aphex USB 500 RACK

The USB 500 Rack 500-Series USB Audio Interface from Aphex is a four-slot 500-Series module rack with a built-in USB audio interface. It is designed to allow you to use your 500-Series modules directly with your DAW. It is capable of handling digital audio up to 24-bit/96kHz and accepts audio directly from any 500-Series module. The USB 500 Rack has four analog XLR inputs and outputs for the 500-Series modules. You can route the analog output of all of the 500-Series slots directly to the audio interface or the XLR outputs. The modules can also be configured in a series or linked together, resulting in channel strip or stereo operation, depending on your installed modules. Empty slots can be used as line inputs for the audio interface.

The built-in audio interface features two 1/4" TRS Main Outputs and S/PDIF connectors that provide two additional channels of input and output. It also features a clock input and output as well as 5-pin DIN MIDI connections. Because it is integrated with the 500-Series rack, you can use your installed modules as hardware insert processors for your DAW. The USB 500 Rack features Mono and Dim buttons on its Main Outputs as well as two 1/4" headphone outputs with independent volume control.


NAMM: Aphex USB 500 Rack

The USB 500 Rack bridges the gap between the traditionally analog 500 Series workflows and modern DAW workflows by providing a solution for the customer to use 500 Series modules directly with their DAW. Use your favorite mic preamps as inputs directly to your DAW or use your favorite analog compressors & EQs...

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let's see your lunchbox !!

Here is my 4 space Aphex USB 500 rig. Quite an amazing device. Lots of options, works without drivers on a Mac, and works with iPads and iPhones! Has midi i/o/, SPDIF, word clock, headphone amps, monitor controls, mute/dim, and the option to use the 500 slots as an effect insert in your DAW.

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Show us you Aphex 500USB!

Wanna give an update for my own message. Aphex USB 500 is actually a perfect 500 series rack for recording. These is no sense in adding Thunderbolt to it, as explained here The only downside might be a lack of onboard mixer - Aphex engineers took Moore law too seriously :) I'm getting almost zero...

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