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Tubessence 107

Aphex Tubessence 107
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The Model 107 comprises two independent mic channels, each with independently-switchable 48V phantom power, Phase invert, 80Hz Low Cut (12dB/octave), 20dB pad and Gain control. All the switches have status LEDs and there are two further LEDs - green for signal OK and red for Overload. The 107 is a hybrid design utilizing a solid-state front end followed by a tube gain stage, the idea being to offer the best of both worlds; the solid-state circuitry provides low noise with a good transient response, while the tube provides the 'flavoring'.


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EV RE20 Cascade Fathead Shure KSM32 Oktava MC-012 Audix i5 Aphex 107 ART PRO VLA II Mackie ONYX 1640i Reaper Tracked live into Reaper in my living room. Mixed on the Mackie with KRK V8 2's. Reverb and delay busses done in Reaper and sent to the console. This recording was from band practice, but I thought it...

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Ten Most Talked About Condenser Microphones to this forum. I am old school. Using an AKG 414 BULS and at times use an Aphex 107 Thermionic Tubessence Tube Mic Preamp. The mic still does well after about 25 years of work, but I was needing some help finding a new mic-preamp that would pair with it to give...

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A fun preamp.

...couple decent preamps out of it) 6 Art Pro Channel II (lots of options and sounds for tracking here) 7-10 Aphex 107 dual channel pre x2 (I love these and think they are incredibly underrated) 11-12 M-Audio Duo standalone A/D converter via spdif (These have the same pres from the DMP3, so they are actually not bad at all) I’d...

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