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Zen Q Synergy Core

Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core
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Now available over thunderbolt or USB

Bring it. Together.
From input to output, the Zen Q is designed to help you grow to a bigger setup without losing the desktop size format. The ultra-linear preamps and pristine AD/DA conversion give you professional quality in the studio or on the go – all in a compact package.

Add to that its generous connectivity and real-time onboard effects, and you’ll be up to almost any task – whether you want to record, mix, master, stream, or just play.

There is a USB and a Thunderbolt version of the interface available.


The best things come in twos

With its pairs of headphone outputs, preamps, and instrument inputs, the Zen Q interface was built with collaboration in mind. Flexible routing and switchable inputs unlock a wealth of possible setups. Four simultaneous Hi-Z instruments and two pairs of monitors? No problem. Four balanced analog outboard inserts? You got it.

If you need even more inputs, hook up any ADAT-compatible preamp with up to eight additional channels, and you’re ready to record a full band live. The stereo input and output over S/PDIF can be used to add an outboard effect, record a digital hardware synth, or send a high-quality clocking signal to the rest of your studio.

Collaboration made easy

It all starts with the bus-powered connectivity – you only need a USB or Thunderbolt cable and a computer to start the show. The multipurpose inputs and the digital ports allow you to change things on the fly and expand your setup easily.

Console-grade preamps

For our discrete preamps we use a combination of transistors that results in less noise and, most importantly, precise sound capture.

Signature clocking & conversion

The 64-bit AFC clocking and AD/DA converters give the stereo image more detail and a sense of spaciousness. This gives your recordings stand-out sound quality and makes the Zen Q ideal for mastering.

SOUND QUALITY Two pres in a pod

The Zen Q audio interface packs two professional-grade microphone preamps with 65db of gain and individual phantom power. Their ultra-linear, discrete circuit topology is on par with the preamps found in legendary consoles at the world’s best studios.

The clock you can’t beat
Taken from our award-winning master clocks, the AFC™ (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology ensures professional, low-jitter AD/DA conversion up to 192 kHz / 24 bit. This makes listening, mixing, and even mastering with the Zen Q an absolute audiophile experience. From analog to digital and back, your sound meets nothing but the best signal path.

From studio
to studio
The portable design of the Zen Q means you can carry it in your backpack and take it on tour with you or any on-location recording session.

Work at the speed of sound
Unleash the true power of the Zen Q by creating custom monitor and headphone mixes, combining device inputs and DAW outputs with real-time analog-modeled Synergy Core FX – all that from an intuitive control panel.

Handy loopback
The built-in loopback feature lets you livestream a complete mix to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

Session recall
For every individual recording scenario, you can save session files and create exact snapshots of all your settings so you can load them later without losing your progress.

Easy routing
The signal routing is as versatile as it is intuitive, and any configuration can be stored and recalled as a preset.

Real-time onboard FX

Powered by the Synergy Core, the Zen Q comes with a selection of 37 analog-modeled effects, with many more available for purchase. This ultra-low latency processing is entirely run within the interface on a unique combo of FPGA and DSP chips, at no extra cost to your computer’s CPU or memory. This means you can record and monitor voice and instruments through real-time models of effects and guitar amps, from classic gear to rare gems.

Not ready to commit? No problem. You can still take advantage of the Synergy Core effects during mixing by using afx2daw. Analog workflow in the digital domain.

Synergy Core Logo White
Processes effects in real-time with imperceptible latency while monitoring, tracking or mixing.

Offloads all processing to the interface thus saving your host computer CPU & memory.

Taking advantage of high-speed Thunderbolt™, the afx2daw plug-in lets you use Synergy Core effects inside most popular DAWs, providing native workflow while keeping all the processing inside the interface.

afx2daw is available as a separate purchase from our software store, for macOS and Windows.

*Coming soon for Zen Q Synergy Core USB

Get your show on the road
Your laptop has a new best friend: this bus-powered interface will deliver professional quality wherever you need it.

With its robust construction, large dial and high-resolution display, this sturdy box is perfectly at home in a location recording rig, at a rehearsal space, or even as a standalone effect processor and mixer for a small band!

Just plug it in
No extra power supply or special cables are needed to work with the Zen Q. Its class-compliant USB/Thunderbolt interface means everything works out of the box, with ultra-low latency and rock-solid driver performance – even before installing the Zen Q control panel.


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