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Alesis SR-16
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24-bit Digital Drum Machine


Why is Behringer able to produce reissues Roland cant?

...these previously created devices. Sure there are some products that have been manufactured for decades without change (e.g. Alesis SR-16 or Korg microKorg) but those are rare. Apply your same question to auto manufacturers. If Jaguar just made more E-types, they would probably sell 10s of thousands of them. ...

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Super cheap drum machines (Boss, etc.)

Alesis SR16. There are tons of programs for them out there. Very common and very cheap. Can still get them new. Been around with no changes for like 30 years other than the originals were 16 bit and now they are 24 bit. You will recognize the canon tom sound and Conga sounds if you...

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Akai pro force

...worth the cost of the KS37. Using the Force's pads remind me of my old friend from the 90's, the SR16. That's a good thing. It's all good stuff, so far. The Force's sequencer in the arranger is a bit wacky in the sense that it feels like a retro-modern (not the other way around)...

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