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Alesis QSR
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Alesis QSR 64

I have the QSR, but what are you reffering to with 64? The QSR Rack or QS6 /7 /8 (64key model)? I agree on the pianos since Alesis prided itself on that. But with drums and percussion I absolutley disagree. There are some solid sounds for synths, and the bass patches too. Plus it has optical...

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CS80 replica ???

...much appreciated synthguy....;) I do indeed use my Roland JD800... midi'd to an Oberheim ProSynth actually...! I also use an Alesis QSR and my Ensoniq SD-1. All of which I have programmed my own sounds to - to try and emulate the kind of textures Emo used on the GX1, when they dropped the orchestra...

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Gear that failed you

...keyboard during a live performance. Had to be replaced. *Alesis QS8 => built like a tank, never caused a single problem. *Alesis QSR => same as QS8 *Alesis S4 => same as QS8 and QSR *Alesis Fusion 8HD => despite that the OS never was finished, I still use it and never had a hardware problem in 16...

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