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Micro Limiter

Alesis Micro Limiter
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The MICRO LIMITER, a soft-knee, program-dependent compressor/limiter, adds punch to vocals and instruments, greatly
improves the signal to noise ratio of tape recorded tracks, and
smooths out fluctuating dynamics. Attack time and compression
ratio adjust automatically so you won't waste valuable time
searching for the most musically correct settings.


dirtiest compressor alive?

The Alesis Micro-Limiter is terrible... and probably exactly what you're looking for!boing

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Hyper-inflated used prices = More NEW gear Shopping around for various items I see so much hardcore crack smoking now than ever before. Like an Alesis Microlimiter for $188. Instead I'm getting the new ART Dual Limiter for $179. Korg EX-8000, $1200. I'll wait for the $799 Modwave thanks. DBX 162SL. I sold my old one for $1000 ten years ago. Now it's...

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Recommend me a low end character compressor

The PBC-6A has a bunch in common with the Alesis Micro Limiter in the way it functions as the compression ratio is variable depending how much gain it is coming from the device before them as well as how you set the DRIVE or INPUT knob. Both limiters don't exactly have a threshold knob exactly...

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